From vintage, retro and designer brands to popular household items, shoppers will find all kinds of amazing deals at their local Goodwill store. Revenue generated from the retail stores helps support Goodwill’s mission.



Creative Thrift Store Halloween Costumes

Creative Thrift Store Halloween Costumes

By This Mommy Saves Money
October 20, 2016

Every year, kids and even adults are dressing up in unique outfits and can be seen on almost every street with one mission in mind: to ring every doorbell in the hopes of getting a delicious treat on Halloween night. When the ghosts and goblins get home, they dump out their bags to discover their sweet bounty.

Almost all of us (adults too) love to take part in Halloween each year. As part of this annual celebration, Halloween costumes have been playing a very important role to each and every trick-or-treater. It has become tradition to wear costumes when you head out for Halloween festivities. Halloween costumes allow kids and adults the opportunity to become whatever they want for one evening each year. Younger children can be super heroes like Batman & Wonder Women while adults can be transported back in time and dress up like Cleopatra or Sherlock Holmes.


Have you come up with a unique and catchy costume yet? Perhaps this is the right time to switch from the usual store bought run-of-the-mill costume. Why not shop at Goodwill to save money on store bought costumes which can easily cost $49.99, and that’s for a kids costume!), and get creative at the same time?

Goodwill stores have a wide array of costumes for both kids and adults which cost a fraction of what you would spend at large retail stores. I found an adorable lion costume for only $3.99 for your smallest Halloween “lion”. Breakfast at Tiffany’s anyone? I scored a long formal black dress at Goodwill for only $4.99, and a tiara (in the kids section) for only $.99. I plan to pair those with costume jewelry I already own to become Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) on Halloween. Remember, Halloween is your chance to be anyone you want, so get creative!

At Goodwill you will find a vast selection and collection of ridiculous outfits, and spooky Halloween costumes. With a little ingenuity, you can create a one-of-a-kind Halloween outfit for a very affordable price right from the options on their racks. Make Goodwill your one-stop-shop for your Halloween outfit. Get ready to ‘wow’ all your friends and family with your costume.

With Goodwill, you can find a Halloween costume that fits you and your personality. Make sure to share pictures of your costumes with us!


DIY Halloween decor & decorations

How to Shop Goodwill for DIY Halloween Decor and Decorations

By This Mommy Saves Money
October 4, 2016

Halloween décors spice up the feel and thrill of the Halloween season. So make sure to add these items to your house for Halloween parties and events! This does not necessarily mean that you need to purchase brand new decors for this event. There are practical Halloween decoration ideas and DIY Halloween décors that you can try to save your money. The biggest and most practical way to do this is to shop at one of our Goodwill Boo-tiques this season!

Before getting started, individuals have to note that making Halloween decorations, outfits and accessories is not really for everybody. If you do not prefer utilizing your inventive abilities then don’t do it. It will just result in arguments and anxiety. However if you love getting creative, make sure to check out the many Halloween and autumn decorations you can find at Goodwill!

Regardless of the types of decorations you choose, you will most likely need basic supplies at home, such as scissors, ribbon, and previous year’s decorations you may have.  Check to see if you have the needed supplies at home before getting started in making homemade Halloween decorations.

Outdoor Halloween decorations are as vital as indoor forms at Halloween. Before you finish the things you are going to make, ensure that they are weather proof just in case they are to be utilized outside. There is no point in making outdoor decorations if they are just going to break down during heavy rains.

Discover Cool and Unique Decorations Ideas for the Halloween


There are many Halloween decoration ideas that you can try without spending a lot of money, if you shop at Goodwill. The following is a rundown of key Halloween designs and décor ideas worthy trying for to spice up your holiday season:

  • Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween is never complete without pumpkins. This is just one of the many Halloween decorations you can have! Personalized carved pumpkins add thrill to your home. You can hang these on window sill or place them in the middle of the dining table, in the driveway and many other suitable spots. No time to carve a pumpkin? Nowadays you can find fake pumpkins that are made to look like they are carved!

  • Halloween Candles

    photo cred:

    photo cred:

Among the numerous key Halloween decorations, candles are particularly natural segments of Halloween. The explanation behind this is candles have dependably been the prop of many scary things like phantoms, witches, vampires, ghosts and so on. In the event that you have spare candles that you find at Goodwill, utilize these candles to light a room, a car port, or yard. This would give the whole area a true Halloween vibe.

  • Halloween Tombstones

Even with pumpkins and candles, there’s still something missing from a typical Halloween setting and that is none other than morbidity. Individuals can add morbidity aspect by means of using fake tombstones. Multiple tombstones can also be used for an added intense effect.

  • Halloween Wreaths

    photo cred:

    photo cred:

Wreaths can fill double purpose for your Halloween atmosphere. These won’t just add to the entire theme, they will likewise utilize the contrast of awesome colors to make the entire look more genuine.

  • Skeletons

Skeletons can’t be overlooked from any Halloween setting. Skeletons can ideally complement everything that you have effectively set in your Halloween theme and are intrinsic part of a Halloween as a pumpkin seems to be. In any case, in the event that you don’t wish to utilize skeletons, then you can use witches, phantoms, and so forth. These things can easily be made at home, or by using an inexpensive sheet set that you bought from Goodwill! There are numerous creative renditions of the above listed things accessible in many of the Goodwill locations in the Coastal Empire.

Benefits of DIY Halloween Decorations

photo cred:

photo cred:

Aside from the considerable amount of money you can save, opting for DIY Halloween decorations entails numerous benefits like:

  • Freedom to use your creativity when creating decorations.
  • The chance to use old items and materials you have at home. This simply means that DIY Halloween decors can be done through recycling old items or materials you bought from Goodwill.
  • DIY Halloween decorations are unique and easy to use.

Make your Halloween more creepy and scary with your homemade Halloween decorations. Halloween happens only once a year so enjoy it. No need to spend a lot of cash for the Halloween decorations. If you use your creativity and spend a little bit time stopping in at a few of our Goodwill stores, you can use these to create your own decorations! By doing this, you save money and enhance your creativity skills! What does your Halloween décor include?


2016_Halloween_Lookbook_FB_Lumberjack v3

Creating Your Own Halloween Costume

By This Mommy Saves Money
September 27, 2016

Halloween is just around the corner, so now’s the perfect time to start choosing what you’ll wear. If you have not yet decided on what to wear, don’t worry you can make your own Halloween costume and show your personal style. By shopping at Goodwill you can get all the items you need to complete your costume and do so while on a budget. Goodwill provides the items, you provide the imagination. Check out Goodwill’s Halloween page, where they will help you create your costume!

Choose up to the three items and they will show you ideas for costumes based on the pieces you chose!

Goodwill has several categories to pick from. You can find costumes for groups, adults and youth. There are also themed costumes. Whether you want to dress up as a zombie, a singing English nanny, or a pop art girl, you are free to do so, and Goodwill is here to help!


Stand out in the crowd by wearing a unique Halloween costume. This is the best time to forget about your shyness and explore your darker or creative side. You can dress up as a vampire, a wicked wizard, or as the villain in your favorite movie. For more creativity how about dressing up as the polar opposite of yourself? If you are shy, why not dress up as a rock-star?

Just try not to overdo it. Choosing the right accessories is still important. Make sure your makeup goes with the costume you choose. Accessories can give a new twist to your dress, so pick the ones that will highlight the features or points you want to emphasize. You can also dress up your kids or your pets in adorable costumes. Once you’ve decided on your desired look, you can ask your friends what they are planning to wear so you can decide whether you should change your getup to match your friends’.

Browse the Goodwill Halloween page to get more ideas about what you should wear. Watch their make-up tutorials to complete your look for the Halloween season. Now does anyone have ideas for a child who wants to dress up as the James Gordon character from Gotham?


Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion at Goodwill Stores

By This Mommy Saves Money
September 23, 2016

I scored an amazing deal at the Goodwill stores in Savannah that I just have to share with you. I bought three items for a total of $1.50!!! These three items included two White House Black Market pieces and one Liz Claiborne item!!! Yes all for only $1.50!! Here’s how I did it, and how you can do the exact same thing! I shopped on Sunday, which is the day their “color of the week” items are only $0.50 a piece! Not only did I score 3 clothing items for only $1.50, the pieces I bought give me several options. I can wear the White House Black Market white shirt with the White House Black Market blue jeans, I could wear all 3 items layering the white shirt with the Liz Claiborne jacket, or I could throw on a pair of black slacks (I have a pair of Banana Republic black slacks I bought a few weeks ago at a Goodwill for only $0.50), and wear the the Liz Claiborne jacket for a work outfit!

fall article 92016

You can create your own outfit for the same cost by following a few tips from your favorite Goodwill blogger!

New clothes are not cheap, but who said you have to buy a NEW outfit to look great? How about a “new to you” outfit? There are a lot of alternatives for those who do not want to pay a hefty amount just to buy new clothes without sacrificing quality or style. Goodwill stores can help keep your wardrobe selection unique and true to you!

If you want to update your wardrobe for the fall season, you will be glad to know that you can find a variety of clothes at Goodwill stores that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. You can find military jackets that are a popular trend this fall season as well as neutral colors that will complete your look.  Here’s how you can find clothes that are perfect for the fall season at Goodwill stores while staying within your budget.

Visit Goodwill Stores

Goodwill stores are plentiful in our area, so you have a nice selection of stores to choose from! Plan a day for thrift shopping. We have made this a family excursion every Sunday! Remember, Sunday is the day their “color of the week” items are only $0.50 a piece! Yes you read that right!! Don’t forget to bring some hand sanitizer and some snacks of you are going to a few Goodwill locations like we do!!!

Inspect the clothes first

You do not have to buy the first outfit you see. Clothing items may not fit you properly or have a stain or hole in them. These flaws can be fixed, but the decision is still yours to make. When looking through the clothes, think about how you can use what you found for other reasons other than the one you bought it for. For instance, you could purchase a damaged item because of its color. You can recreate that item and turn it into a completely new outfit!

Know the trends

Know what you are looking for. Look through fashion blogs and magazines to get an idea about the latest trends and try to reinvent those looks when you visit Goodwill stores. For instance, for the fall season, basic pieces and neutral colors are a good option.

Consider, wearing something form fitting such as a tank top and a pair of legging. This will help you try on the clothes that caught your attention over the clothes you’re wearing, if the dressing rooms are always occupied. Going through a lot of clothes you don’t want before you find the best item for you is expected. Be patient. Take your time and you will find a lot of treasures at Goodwill.

Buy only what you want

Do not be tempted by the prices of clothes you see. Maybe there is a tank top that’s offered for only $3, but do you really love that item? You need to be realistic about what you will wear. If you buy items that you will never wear, it will just be a complete waste of time and money. You also need to visualize the item outside of the store. Imagine what you can pair the item with or what you would look like if you wear it!

Enjoy your shopping experience and share your favorite recent clothing purchase from a Goodwill store with us in the comments!



Updating Your Kitchen on a Budget

Updating Your Kitchen on a Budget by Shopping at Goodwill

By This Mommy Saves Money
August 30, 2016

Kitchen renovation, re-designing, and redecoration are words that can either excite you or make you nervous. If you have decided that it is time to update your kitchen, carefully think about your plans, ideas, and most importantly your budget! Some key ideas to keep in mind while making your plans are:

  1. Do you have adequate storage for all of your food, dishes, key appliances (such as microwave, dishwasher, sink, etc.)
  2. Do you have easy to reach cabinets?
  3. Do you have enough counter space for tasks such as cooking, mixing & rolling out the dough for the pie, stacking dirty dishes in the sink?

Now comes the task at hand: how to put into action your design on a budget? What can you do if you want a kitchen table to merge in with the counter tops? Is entertaining a big part of your lifestyle? Are you planning on hosting dinner parties where a major part of the event is held in the kitchen and dining room? If so, you do not want your kitchen to look overcrowded with items. It may seem like a lot of things to consider, but do not let these questions overwhelm you!

The golden ticket question-
How to do all this on a budget?
One word: Goodwill!

Goodwill has all the answers to all the above questions. All you need to do now is find what you are looking for and place it where you intend.

Goodwill has a huge variety of everything you need to help re-design your kitchen! More than 2000 new items find their way onto the shelves each day in 3000 of the stores across the United States and Canada.

The question still remains how to find everything which you need. Head to one of the many Goodwill stores in the Coastal Empire and start looking! We are very fortunate to have many stores, and locations are in close proximity to each other, making it a breeze to hit 3 or 4 in one day (I did just that, this past weekend)!

Look for things that fall in your budget. As I mentioned early, this is your kitchen, your design!

Goodwill stores have items for the retro inspired hostess like an aqua colored milkshake maker for only $6.99. Going for a more traditional look?

​How about a Lenox tea set still in the box for $10 or a large decorative bowl to really make your décor “pop”.

dinnerware set

Are you hosting your first family Christmas dinner? Christmas dishes can cost upwards of $100! I found 2 FULL sets of Christmas dinnerware for only $10 each! Do you have a window seat carved out in your new kitchen? Find cushions for only $2.99.
mugs​Cooler weather is right around the corner, curl up with a cup of apple cider in your fall inspired coffee mugs, which you can get at Goodwill for only $0.99 each.
canisters​Are you planning on doing a lot of baking in your kitchen? If so don’t forget to get a set of canisters for your flour, white sugar, and brown sugar.

The best thing about Goodwill is that you never know what you will find, and there is something for every budget. It will definitely lie within your budget. Don’t forget to donate the items you no longer need! Those items may turn out to be just what someone else needs for their dream kitchen.



Top 3 EducationalFinds blog 82016

Top 3 Educational Finds You Can Discover at Goodwill for Pre-School & Young Children

By This Mommy Saves Money
August 23, 2016

Imagine the pre-school your child attends needs items such as art and crafts, puzzles, costumes, or toys but you are on a tight budget. This scenario isn’t far off, is it? This situation also applies to many families with young children. One option that you should consider is Goodwill. Goodwill stores are plentiful in southeast Georgia, and across the country. Young children need many different activities as they learn fundamental skills that will help them throughout life. Here are few items to look for to help foster these learning experiences while you are shopping at Goodwill.


The first area to explore is the book section. There is always a wide array of children’s books. The majority of children’s books are usually priced as low as $0.39!

childrens books sallie mood

You can find a wide range of books at Goodwill stores. Fantasy, nursery rhymes, funny, science and technology, and many child development related books. Look for lesson plan books if you are employed by a preschool. I recently spotted a stack of Mailbox teacher books, which are full of activities, lesson plan ideas, and more.

Arts and Crafts

Another positive aspect of Goodwill stores for pre-school and young children is the plethora of arts and crafts available at a fraction of their original prices. Arts and crafts items such as beads, craft kits, tissue paper, fabric for dramas and plays, collage, paper, cards, colored strings and ribbons.

In the artistic city that we live in, the selection varies greatly from one Goodwill store to another. Set a few hours aside one day, and visit a few stores, to see what they have. Go back often as their inventory is always rotating!


Puzzles and Games

Puzzles and games help sharpen a child’s mind, encouraging them to become more comparative and problem solve as they play. Another great life skill that puzzles and games help develop is sharing and how to play fair. Puzzles and games are always easily found at Goodwill stores! We have found many puzzles and games for our family as well as for local child care centers.




How to Shop for work clothes at Goodwill 82016

How to Shop for Work Clothes at Goodwill

By This Mommy Saves Money
August 16, 2016

Recently we discussed what to wear to a job interview. You aced the interview and you get a phone call saying you got the job! Congratulations. Now what? You need a wardrobe for your new job! Do not panic. The reality is that you simply need a couple blazers, shirts, pants, and one or two pairs of dress shoes. This was my plight last month. I aced three interviews, received not 1 but 3 job offers, and accepted the one that I felt was the best fit for me and my family. I was concerned about getting a professional wardrobe going while staying within my budget. Going from working from home in yoga pants, to wearing professional clothes five days a week, could be expensive if you are not careful. By shopping at Goodwill, it will allow you to buy the clothes you need without breaking the bank. Here is some good advice you keep in mind when embarking on your search for on-the-job clothes at Goodwill.


Choose Function Over Form

Don’t buy that super-dressy but flimsy dress shirt. Instead, go for the durable one. You can easily find blouses at Goodwill for under $7! Your tops do not have to be anything super fancy, but if you can find one that looks pretty at the same time, by all means, buy it and make it work. This is why I suggest to choose function over form. The same should go for your pants. Instead of buying a pair of thin, form-fitting pants, buy a of nice dress slacks. Dress slacks go with a multitude of tops. I bought two pairs of dress slacks. One pair of black slacks, and one pair of brown slacks. These two pairs of pairs combined with the three pairs of dress slacks I already had at home, gave me a pair of slacks for every day of the work week!

Vary Your Color and Clothing Selections

Goodwill shopping is all about getting the most bang for your buck. When you walk in to the store, already have a list in your head (or in your hand) for what sort of clothing items you are looking to buy. You do not want to buy items that are necessarily out of style or not popular. It’s not a good look to walk into work the first day looking like you came out of a time machine from 1992. That is one of the things I love about Goodwill, you never know what treasures you may find!


Buy items that are practical

Make sure you are buying several different dress shirts, different pants, and at least two or three different blazers so you can mix and match your looks. It’s also incredibly important to vary the selection of your accessories. A lot of people overlook the importance of a great pair of dress shoes, but these are the probably the most integral part of your set-up. If you are going to spend the most money on one or more of your items at the store, make sure it is your shoes. Your shoes will be taking a beating and you want a pair of shoes that fit your feet well, and give you enough support while you are working. For this component of my work outfit, I typically visit 2 – 3 different Goodwill locations, in order to find the perfect pair of shoes!

When you go shopping at Goodwill, your main priority, aside from getting good deals and lots of clothing, should be to leave having purchased extremely appealing pieces that you can interchange with other clothing pieces in your closet. At the end of the day, starting a new job should be fun and exciting, but it’s no fun if you don’t look the part. Keep this advice in mind, and there’s no doubt you’ll be looking super snazzy at your new job. Congratulations again on your job, and get ready to wow your peers in your job; not only with your skills but also with your wardrobe that you scored at Goodwill!



How to Furnish Your Dorm Room by Shopping at Goodwill

How to Furnish Your Dorm by Shopping at Goodwill

By This Mommy Saves Money
August 11, 2016

Every college student has dreams to have their own personal space, where they can spend some time on his own. For many students, college dorm rooms are the first place of freedom where they can feel the liberty to do what they want to. Your dorm room holds importance in your educational life. While at college, you will spend a large amount of time studying, sleeping, and living in this room. First things first, make sure your room is neat, clean, and well decorated to make you feel at home. You may find that some items like furniture, electronics, and art pieces that would allow you to really show your personality and taste, could cost you a good fortune. As a college student, you may be on a small budget. This is where Goodwill stores come in handy. You can buy items for your dorm rooms, at extremely affordable prices! Your dorm room does not come supplied with much. Most rooms have a bed for sleeping, a study desk, a small closet and dresser — that’s it!

Bed Sets


When you move into a new dorm room, you will need a new bed set for yourself. No more Winnie the Pooh, or One Direction bed sets. When was the last time you looked at the many options at our local Goodwill stores? One of my favorite finds was a Ralph Lauren bed set: comforter, sheets, bed skirt, and shams for only $25!!! The set was still in the original packaging, and the retail price was $150! My favorite part was that it was a coastal theme design, which fits my décor perfectly!

Art Pieces

Who doesn’t love art? Whether you are a ten year old or adult in your fifties, your love for art never dies. The same goes for college going students. Savannah is very lucky to have such an artistic community. I love looking for art pieces that were made by local Savannah College of Art & Design students. You can decorate the walls of your room with beautiful paintings, portraits of your favorite celebrities, and with other decoration pieces, all of which are available at our Goodwill stores. I found a beautiful photograph of Forsyth Park at Goodwill that I have framed and is a focal point in my home.

Books and Shelves

Books are one the most important items you will need during your educational life. You will also need shelves to keep them! You can find an array of different sizes and styles of bookshelves to house your books!  If you want to add to your collection, books at Goodwill start at only $0.39! That is a great deal!

There are so many Goodwill stores in the Coastal Empire, it really is like a scavenger hunt, you never know what you will find when you go shopping!

How to Shop for an Interview Outfit at Goodwill

How to Shop for an Interview Outfit at Goodwill

By This Mommy Saves Money
August 2, 2016

Starting a new job is a process that requires not only patience but many skills that fall beyond your degrees. Besides a well-designed resume, a degree, and communication skills, one needs to know how to dress for an interview. The phrase, ‘first impressions are lasting impressions’, is quite applicable in this situation. One of the first things employers notice about you is the way you dress. The best advice is to keep your clothing choices simple and professional. Not everyone is able to buy an expensive pantsuit or dress. This is even more common for people who are just starting out and have a smaller budget. There is a great and affordable solution for this: shopping at your your local Goodwill store; and some knowledge of how to choose the perfect outfit.

Finding the Right Interview Outfit

It is easy to find what you need when you have a significant amount of resources to suit your needs, however if you are on a tighter budget or consider yourself to be a savvy shopper, consider the following tips for buying the perfect interview outfit at Goodwill!

suits 822016

Take Your Time

Buying second-hand doesn’t have to be completely boring. Make a hunt out of finding the perfect outfit! We are very fortunate to have several Goodwill locations in our area. Don’t choose the night before the interview to shop. Start your search a few weeks before your interview. I even suggest to people to start looking for an outfit when they start their job search. This way if they get a call for an interview, they are not scrambling to find an outfit. By shopping at Goodwill you will find that it is quite easy to find a suit for less than $15!

signage 822016

Pick Solid Colors

Solid colors always look professional! Moreover, solid colors can often easily match with clothes you already have in your closet. The addition of a few professional outfits you find at Goodwill to your wardrobe, can add a variety of ways to mix and match with clothing you already have in your closet, to create an array of professional looking outfits!

Choosing the Right Time

Keep up to date with your local Goodwill stores, and check what promotions they are currently running. My favorite Goodwill promotion, is their “color of the week” sale (50% off items with that color tag!). I always check as I walk into a Goodwill location to see what the color of the week is on sale, and then make it a point to find items with that color tag.


Goodwill shopping doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on brands. If you browse carefully, you will be able to find clothes that have sustained their original brand tags. You will be surprised to know that brands like Nine West and Ann Taylor can be found at Goodwill stores, and at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay if you bought it at a large department store.

dresses 822016


It can difficult to complement colors if you are buying second hand. However, an interview suit should not be mismatched. For men, it is advised to match a pair of black dress trousers with a dark jacket. You can a buy a shirt in muted colour or pattern. Pick a tie to match but it should not be in a striking or outward color. Women have more options, but an interview is not the time for a style expression. Choose a professional looking dress or skirt plus blouse to pair with a jacket.

A few other general tips include not wearing ill-fitting clothes, ripped clothes (just thoroughly check the piece you select), and revealing or low cut clothes. Lastly, good luck with that interview!

This Mommy Saves Money Post 7252016

4 Reasons Why You Should Do Your Back to School Shopping at Goodwill

By This Mommy Saves Money
July 26, 2016

Going back to school is upon us. This involves shopping, and possibly multiple trips, to many different stores. It is important that you are careful about where you are shopping for your back to school supplies. There are so many things that you have to buy when it comes to back to school shopping. The lists can become endless! Are you being careful and mindful of how you are going about your shopping spree? Lists, lists, and more lists! One store that is a go to spot for back to school supplies is Goodwill! Here are 4 reasons why you should shop Goodwill:

Prices Are Amazing

One of the major factors and reasons why you need to shop at Goodwill is because of their prices. At Goodwill, you can get an entire school uniform pants, shirts, belt, and shoes for a fraction of what it would costs you in a department store! I did this last week! My actual haul was 5 pairs of khaki pants, brand new tablet of graphing paper, and a blouse for myself for $12!!!

Tip time: Remember you get 50% off the color of the week (so ALWAYS check for that when you enter a Goodwill location) AND this weekend 7/30 – 7/31 is TAX FREE weekend! All of your back to school items will be tax free!

You Can Have Fun

Another reason why you should go ahead with shopping at Goodwill is that it is a lot of fun to shop there. You can bring your friends and kids and have some fun. Take pictures while you are out and about shopping and share these pictures with your friends. For back to school shopping with little ones, I turn it into a scavenger hunt. Who can find most of their needed school supplies in 30 minutes and within a set price limit. Not only are the kids helping you, but by doing this you are teaching your child time management, and money management. You may even be able to sneak in a few minutes to find yourself a cute top or purse!

Great Labels To Choose From

Goodwill Corp Report 48

Goodwill offers so many different brands to choose from. Every Goodwill location in the Coastal Empire has different items. That is one of the reasons I love shopping Goodwill! I never know what I will find when I walk into one of their locations!  You may find many designer labels at a fraction of the cost. Whether you are a fashionista or a conservative shopping enthusiast, you can easily find appropriate designs and labels at Goodwill. The five pairs of khaki pants I picked up for my child’s school uniform had labels such as J Khaki, Ralph Lauren, and Gap. I also saw other sizes with The Children’s Place, Crazy 8, and more.  Just one pair of khakis at a department store with those brand names would have easily cost me $20 (with a good sale). Instead I shopped smart, by shopping at Goodwill, and got 5 pairs of khakis, a brand new tablet of graphing paper, and a blouse for myself for only $12!

Varied Selection Of Items

The choices at Goodwill are incredible. Their vast array of items is amazing. They have a huge home goods section that has a huge amount of items from China, decorative glass items, baskets and more. Shopping at Goodwill often means you will not need to make multiple stops for your back to school needs.

There are many reasons why you should shop at Goodwill. It is important that you are mindful of prices when you are going back to school shopping, allowing you to stick to the budget you set before you stated shopping. Back to school shopping at Goodwill, allows you to be mindful and help you save a huge chunk on your purchase!

Back to school shopping at Goodwill

Back to School Supply Shopping at Goodwill

By This Mommy Saves Money
July 19, 2016

With each new school year comes a new supply list. These lists are full of items that children and teachers need for the school year. Children may want to have a colorful set of accessories and stationery, these can come with a hefty price tag, if you do consider shopping at a variety of stores. One of the stores that needs to be on your list for back to school shopping is Goodwill.

Things are not that easy for parents now. Although parents want to see their children happy at all times it can be accompanied by a big price tag if you are not watching for sales and thinking outside of the typical box stores for back to school supplies . Goodwill offers a wide range of back to school that are on your school supply list! -notebooks, books, pencils, pens, markers, cases, you name it! This is the first year that my child needs graphing paper. I found a brand new notebook of graphing paper at one of our local Goodwill locations for only $0.50. This is a great deal, considering the lowest price I have seen at big box retailers is $2.99.

Goodwill has a number of stores offering a range of products that you may need for your back to school shopping. By taking your children to Goodwill stores, it cultivates a sense of responsibility in them and helps them be financially smart. Why pay $2.99 for a package of graphing paper when I can get the exact same item for only $0.50 at a Goodwill location. Another item that your child may need is a binder! Several Goodwill locations in the Coastal Empire has quite a few binders to choose from. If your child needs a 2 ½ inch binder, you will pay around $12.99 at a big box store.  The same binder at Goodwill only $1.99!

Instead of just running into the nearest big box store as soon as you receive the back to school supply lists, think smart think Goodwill.  In order to save more money, you should keep an eye on promotions running at Goodwill and visit the stores in your area frequently. It not only helps you in saving money on your back to school supplies, but it also helps you to save more on household and other items that you may need.


One promotion that you need to remember is the Back to School Tax Free weekend which is July 30 – July 31st. Items that are included in this great promotion are: Clothing (including footwear) with a sales price of $100.00 or less per item. Items that are not included are clothing accessories such as jewelry, handbags, umbrellas, eye-wear, watches, and watchbands.


Shopping for Back-to-School Clothing?

Try Goodwill.

Back_To_School_2016_FB_Wall-Post_Girl-aBy This Mommy Saves Money
July 6, 2016

Do you dread shopping for your child’s back-to-school clothes each year? Are you looking for ways to save money, while still buying everything they need? Goodwill is an option you should consider!

A name which should pop up somewhere on the top of your back to school shopping stops is Goodwill.  This non-profit organization not only provides employment opportunities and training session people overcoming barriers to employment,  but also provides a great selection to buy school clothes at an economical price.

Some parents might not know how to go about the process of buying clothes from Goodwill and what they need to do before heading to Goodwill. ​

Make A Plan to Manage Your Child’s Back-to-School Wardrobe

Do Your Laundry

A full laundry of all the school clothing of your children can give you a clear cut view of what is needed, what needs to be replaced and what you have. This way, you can note down everything and keep a track for future reference.

Begin With Folded Clothing

Begin organizing the folded clothing in the drawers, for example, socks and underwear. This will provide you with a rough sketch of what the sizes are, which clothes suffered wear and tear and what exactly do you need.

Separate Outgrown Clothing

If you have outgrown clothing, make sure to separate them from the rest of the clothing. This will make sure to provide ample space for new things to come in and will make managing your child’s back to school clothing easier. Remember, outgrown clothing, toys and some other items can be donated to Goodwill as well. Just mark a box with ‘donate’ or ‘Goodwill’ and take it to your nearest Coastal Empire Goodwill location.

Hold a Fashion Show

Call your kids, and have a try-on session. It is better to tell them about this session beforehand. This way, the kids will be more cooperative and you can get a good idea of what you need.

Write down the Required Clothing

Finally, make a list of all the back-to-school clothes you need. That’s it, you’re all set to go shopping at Goodwill!

Back to School Clothing Tips at Goodwill

Be Patient

At Goodwill, you certainly cannot be in a rush to shop for your kid’s back to school clothing. Make sure to give yourself time, and go through each rack and shelf carefully. You never know what treasure you may find.

Be Precise

Make sure not to get distracted with the variety of things you see at Goodwill. If you have come to get your kid’s back to school clothing, stick to it. This will provide you enough time to choose and decide and also to buy the right things in the store.

Organize Things

Having a basket or a cart may be one of the smartest things you can do at Goodwill. This will help you in being more organized and managing your items inside the store will become a lot easier than before.

Try Them On

Goodwill has fitting rooms, to make sure the clothes you buy perfectly fit your child. Make sure to take your kid with you and try everything on. This will help you in avoiding purchasing clothing that does not fit your child.

Benefits of Shopping at Goodwill

Versatility and Selection

One of the biggest advantages of Goodwill is that they have a lot of inventor that is constantly changing. Moreover, each item is also available in different materials and quality, to help you decide which items would suit you best.

Exceptional Pricing

One of the biggest benefits of shopping at Goodwill is that they have excellent prices. You are certain to save money when shopping for most items at Goodwill.

The Bottom Line

Goodwill is an excellent option for people who are wanting to save money on their child’s back to school clothing. The store not only provides a variety of but also has great prices.   And the proceeds from your shopping trip will fund Goodwill’s employment training programs that prepare people for success.

If you are looking to save some real money on your kid’s back to school clothing this season while doing good for our community, you should swing by a Goodwill store in the Coastal Empire.

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How to Save More at Goodwill with an App

By This Mommy Saves Money
June 28, 2016

Goodwill is one of the favorite stores among people who are looking to discover deals on household goods and clothing. Goodwill offers a variety of deals for their customers as well. You just need to know the discounts that they offer.

This past weekend I was at the Goodwill store in Pooler. There was a lady in front of me who was visiting from Virginia. We got to talking, and she asked me to explain how the color of the week sale worked, and if there was any other discounts that the Goodwill locations in the Coastal Empire offered. That’s when I mentioned Loyaltree .

What exactly is Loyaltree? Loyaltree is an app, which can assist you to save money and discover rewards at Goodwill. Any person who downloads the Loyaltree app will get the opportunity to discover a variety of deals offered by Goodwill.

The arrival of the Loyaltree Rewards Program impressed Goodwill customers who were looking to save few additional bucks on their purchases. When you download the app, you will receive a $5 off coupon, for your next purchase at Goodwill. In addition, you will be able to earn points for every purchase that you make while shopping at Goodwill. These points translate into coupons and additional savings that you can redeem when you shop at Goodwill.

The points you earn at Goodwill retail stores with Loyaltree rewards program can deliver a variety of benefits in the long run. The best thing about these reward points is that they never expire!IMG_2767

In addition to Loyaltree, Goodwill stores in the Coastal Empire also offer a 10% discount every day for Military and senior citizens!

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Bathroom Makeovers, the Frugal Way

By This Mommy Saves Money
June 20, 2016

The bathroom is one room in every house that is incredibly difficult to redo without an expensive remodeling bill. All of the main pieces in a bathroom are fixed in their location; a room makeover is not as easy as shifting the furniture for a whole new look. Instead of spending a fortune on a new bathroom look use these tips for a frugal way to redo your bathroom!

First thing first…head to your local Goodwill store! I recently redid our guest bathroom in items I found on my trips to our Goodwill locations in the Coastal Empire. Okay I will admit, I also found a designer purse for ONLY $3.99, that mysteriously jumped into my shopping cart ;). I know a good deal when I see one! The purse retails for $129!!

Update Current Fixtures
If you are looking to create a new look for your bathroom on a budget one easy to way to do so is by updating the current fixtures. You can remove all the fixtures you want to update, and with a bit of sandpaper and spray paint you can have an entirely new look without purchasing new fixtures! We’ve also used this method for updating plastic trashcans, toilet roll holders, and even wooden baskets that hold toiletries! If you do not like the look of your current fixtures you can purchase accessories at Goodwill for less than $10. If you find items that are the “color of the week” your price may even be less!

Decorative Mirrors 
A fixture that can really make your bathroom “pop” is a decorative mirror. Every time I go into a Goodwill location I can usually find a few mirrors, that can be used for this very purpose. Mirrors are an excellent way to give your bathroom a frugal and modern face lift!

This is perhaps my favorite way to update our bathrooms; swap out the fabrics! A new shower curtain, towels, etc. These elements play a large role in the overall appearance of our bathrooms even though we typically grow accustomed to them before overlooking them entirely! If you like your current color scheme, try mixing it up with a new pattern or design. If you stick with your current colors, you can also avoid having to purchase all new fabrics at one time!

Accent Pieces
I have been known to snag one or two items at a time from Goodwill, as I find pieces that will go with the theme I am using. For example, our most recent update was a nautical theme. I found a lighthouse decoration at the Goodwill on Sallie Mood Drive for $4. While running errands I stopped by the Goodwill in Richmond Hill and found a set of seashell decorative towels! Doing this ​inspires me to keep an eye out for matching elements while keeping my budget in mind. Once I have all the pieces I’d like to swap out, I take an afternoon and make the switch! This is a fun way to create a drastic new look without spending very much money.tmsm 6202016

When was the last time you perused the aisles at Goodwill?You might be surprised at what treasures you might find.

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Thrifting Tips

By This Mommy Saves Money
June 6, 2016

It is common knowledge that the word “sale” makes people happy. Many people like to shop, but what they like more is thrift shopping; anything that allows them to buy more while spending less.Not only women, there are men too, who wait for sales, so that they can go out and shop for what they want without having to worry about going broke.

Thrift stores used to be cheap, but that is not always the case now. At some occasions, it was found that the sale items were priced even higher than their original price. With the increasing prices and inconsistent pricing system, these stores are not always a viable option. Goodwill stores are the best option in such cases. Their discount deals each week help you keep more money in your pocket!

Color Code Sale

Goodwill stores have come up with a few really innovative shopping ideas that benefit not only them, but the customer as well. These ideas make shopping fun while allowing you to save a lot more than you expected, if you play your cards intelligently.

The color rotation sale that Goodwill has every week is one of their most successful ideas. Every week, other than the regular sale items they have a color tag sale. This means that the items that have a tag of that specific color, are 50% off!!

One way to maximize your savings is to know the color rotation. Some shoppers see an item they like, and hold off on the urge of buying it instantly. They wait for the color rotation to change to the color of that item so that they can buy it for a lot less than its original price.  The drawback to this system is that, the item they were holding out for, may not be there by the time it goes on sale.

Stop by your local store to see what their color rotation cycle is. For example last week the color was yellow, this week it is purple! Understanding this rotation is what is going to save you on a lot of money. Typically a color is only on sale once a month. So, if the month started with the black color tag, then this color will most likely not be repeated again throughout that month. So if you want something with a black tag, and it is on sale this week, then grab it while you have the chance. After the week is over, another color tag will be on sale.

Goodwill stores are gaining huge popularity due to these amazing discount deals. 50% off on items of selected colors, along with other sales, are making Goodwill stores a hit among thrift shoppers. Head over to one of your local Goodwill stores to enjoy these amazing discounts and see what you can find!



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