Goodwill Retail StoreGoodwill of the Coastal Empire processes more than 575,000 donations of used goods every year.  The donations we receive help serve the community in several ways:

1) Consumers can stretch their dollars on clothing and household goods purchases, which is a particular bonus in these uncertain economic times.
2) Promoting recycling and environmental sustainability is an ongoing concern.  Our grading process naturally fulfills that goal by re-using and repurposing serviceable goods, keeping them out of landfills. Thanks to our donor base we were able to keep over 10.3 million pounds of clothing and home goods out of the waste stream.
3) The Power of Work: the large majority of every dollar we raise is spent fulfilling our mission of helping people with disabilities and other barriers to employment find a greater
sense of independence through competitive employment.

From vintage, retro and designer brands to popular household items, shoppers will find all kinds of amazing deals at their local Goodwill store. Revenue generated from the retail stores helps support Goodwill’s mission.