Business Services

“Business Solutions Enhance Our Mission”

Business ServicesGoodwill of the Coastal Empire has a long history of partnerships with different agencies and businesses.  To strengthen our capabilities, we constantly seek partnerships with other entities.  We believe that such partnerships provide opportunities to create jobs for our clientele.  Goodwill welcomes the opportunity to join with companies that allow us to better serve our mission.

We partner with many local agencies to enhance our ability to provide workers with significant disabilities for any project.  We develop these contacts in each community to meet specific needs and solutions.  With this capability, job opportunities are offered to people to help create a better community.

As our world transforms and preservation measures become more paramount, Goodwill of the Coastal Empire has become the formidable leader for green cleaning solutions.  The Goodwill “Clean and Green” is a green cleaning initiative throughout Goodwill’s custodial contracts.  Equipped with comprehensive knowledge of green cleaning practices and the use of environmentally sound products, Goodwill of the Coastal Empire focuses on providing a safe, healthy and inviting atmosphere for facility tenants and guests.