Vehicle Donation Program

Funding the mission of Goodwill of the Coastal Empire just became easier. Anytime you donate a car or any vehicle through our vehicle donation program, you help provide mission essential services to those who need it the most. Our clients will receive the proper service they need because of the cars that you donated.

Savannah Car Donations

Why Donate?

  • You’ll feel great about yourself when you donate a used car!
  • Donating your vehicle is a super quick and painless process.
  • Donating is much easier than trying to negotiate with a dealer for a trade-in value.
  • When you donate a vehicle you can steer clear of all the headaches associated with trying to sell a car yourself.
  • Donating is easier and cheaper than trying to fix a car needing constant or expensive repairs.
  • Free towing when you donate a used car.
Tax benefits!Your car donation will benefit you as well. Any car donation is tax deductible regardless of the vehicle that is donated.We accept any auto donations throughout our 33 county service region. This makes it possible for us to support our mission to assist people with disabilities and other barriers to employment to live independently and become employed. Feel great about your donation and know that you have helped a worthy cause; come check out our vehicle donation program. Call for more information (877) 808- 8990.